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32 Bridge Street Brow Stockport, SK1 1 XY 'Central':Near, 'Market Square'

32 Bridge Street Brow Stockport, SK1 1 XY 'Central':Near, 'Market Square'

32 Bridge Street Brow Stockport, SK1 1 XY 'Central':Near, 'Market Square'

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Discgotech is an independent record storewhich has been selling vinyl for the last eight years in Stockport's Old Town. The shop has an appeal for toy hunter's as we endeavour to source vintage Star Wars ships and figure. Also comic collector'smay enjoy a browse as we stock a large collection of Marvel, DC, and independent comics, S/F books, graphic novels. Whilst there are shelves laden with comics and vintage hand painted lead figurines depicting fantasy Super-hero' s .Please visit new website

Disc repair machinery enables repair of discs, CD's and DVD's; whilst you wait, you can peruse the shelves.

There are racks of quality records to search through; albums,'single-45's', transcending a vast spectrum of genres, especially, Hip-Hop, indie bands, Rock and Reggae. Movie soundtracks and classic poetry recordings on lp. Comics, vintage toys, and handcrafted kiln produced ceramic statues.

Professional audio or videotape/camcorder tape transfer service for creation of a new CD or DVD

The shop is a haven for collectors of Marvel and DC comics, Doctor Who magazines - Statues;Figurines; Framed iconic Albums, for decorating your homes- Mint bronze age comics!! Sci-fi: movie memorabilia,vintage lead hand painted figurines , and carded STAR WARS Figures? *Email:-matt@discgotech.org.uk

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email:matt@discgotech.org.uk or phone 07788465997 or-07450625124

Katherine's ceramic statues are exhibited. Statues can furnish contemplative spaces in your garden, or home. Peruse her unique gallery

  1. Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Discgotech, via e-mail or a phone call.
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