Discgotech’s twitter appeal

WAGTAIL OUTSIDE MY SHOPThis  Wagtail habitually comes to my shop door in Stockport on Bridge Street Brow.

Pleasant to see these bird’s in an  Stockport ‘Old Town’. “When you’ve seen one shopping centre you’ve seen a’ mall ….”?

Recently spent been twitching on Anglesey  . On the frontier of delusion, I am  a foremost frontier man. Just a monument of times gone wrong, can’t see without my glasses on……?

Listen to the oyster catcher …I was a fan of zoo trainer Johnny Morris 

After a big ramble I abandoned the old iron horse. and did languish in the sunshine  near ‘Saint Dwyran’s love island

bike ramble through Newboro forest leads to this secluded beach
LLagefni : The Cob, a RSPB nature reseve a peaceful place free from 6music DJ Mark Riley & his Manchester dogs on a route to Newboro forest
sunken stars amid limpid pools emit a subdued light not to be rekindled on our earthly plane.  RIP Martyn Hyett