Flat Worms awesome drummer with Gretch kit

Musicians of the month

Awesome Flat Worms drummer from San Francisco. Justin Sullivan sets-up centre stage at Eagle Inn, Salford. Arri rodes (Grandaddy simulation) cool laid acid trip; Mega californian magical vocals at the Eagle pub Salford.

Arri Rodes Californian west coast groove
Unique on a percussion theme- Samba musical from David Byrne on stage at the Apollo Ardwick, Manchester

Trembling Bells at the Boo Rossendale. Glaswegian Folk-Rock Outfit delivered an invigoratingly perfect performance and psyched-out the stage Manchester’s Star & Garter hosted ‘Chastity Belt’, Indie rockers with that West coast San Francisco sound.

Gretchen on vpcals with Stiff Arm

Siobhan Wilson is a prodigious  talent who sings wonderfully , with a Celtic brogue which enriches her vocals. Siobhan played with Matthew  who played percussion and guitar to sensitively accompany her renditions to add backing layers to her Angelic voice

Siobhan on stage with Matthew at the Eagle pub in Salford, which is the most intimate space

Kieran Leonard does his own blend of jazz infused psychedelic kieran leonard at the Eagle Kieran’s old  set   at the Eagle Inn , Salford

  • Musicians of the Solstice month of June belonged to the Kraut Rock infused  West Coast of America rockers -Thee Oh Sees. Check out this Can video clip from 1972 Check out this great clip Thee Oh Sees movie .
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