Dr John Cooper Clarke Stand Up Punk Comedy

During Thatcher’s early 1980’s grim  administration Dr John Cooper Clarke and Nico were zoned out of their minds in Prestwich , where Johnny became a friend. A tangible Sheffield connection to round-up this family affair  relates to my nephews who  attended the Sheffield school of Silverdale ; which schooled the “Arctic Monkey’s “Alex Turner. “I want to be yours” was used by Alex turner’s Artic Monkey’s on their A.M album Recently  at Bangor University’s  new Pontio venue I had a brief chat with Johnny Clarke’s manager. Dramas proceeded whereby Doctor John Cooper Clarkes’s  manager Johnny Green emerged from the show-busines curtains  to reminisce about his old job  as the  Clash manager. Apparently, in the late 1970’s   Johnny was let off the leash to do his rib-cracking funny  performance punk poetry as support for the Clash. Johnny  is currently  down-under waiting for Christmas in Australia.   I aim  to  call in that favour and take Johnny’s dog for a walk, whilst talking to his rebel Essex  management. Thereby confirming  a booking of the  Salford Bard for an intimate  in-store  gig  at Discgotech. The gig will feature  the Soprano’s ending credits soundtrack: Evidently Chicken-town