League of Gentlemen star tries to buy Sex pistols single at discgotech

The League of Gentlemen entertainment star enjoys the discgotech good vibrations.  Recent   series of the League of Gentlemen and comic BBC2 broadcast Inside No9; uses film sets located in the Stockport. This was reported in the Manchester Evening News

Comedically, during the second week of January Steve Pemberton  shops on Bridge street . Whilst in  Discgotech   Steve  alludes to the Sex Pistols singles ‘showcased’  in the window. Steve , earnestly asked questions concerning the ‘whereabouts’ of the Pretty Vacant picture sleeve single.  He previously, noticed, exhibited in the window.

Iconic 1977 Punk LP

I informed him that  the vinyl copy’s function   was to perform  as a ‘hidden persuader’ .  I told him it was not for sale as it was not complete,  it only comprised of the jacket picture sleeve. I explained that the vinyl record appeared in a battered condition. I conveyed the notion  that it was probably inflicted by a  Punk  happily ‘Po-go’  dancing ( whilst the music played),  in a nihilistic fashion. He then claimed the record may have belonged to him   (being “one of mine”),  as he did a lot of Punk rock dancing in  1977. After our impromptu sketch. He searched for an indie LP and browsed the Doctor Who magazines.

Discgotech may  get the backlash from Local People